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Bee Control & Removal

Bee control and infestation is something that many home and business owners find themselves having to deal with. Effective control is something that most people shouldn’t take on themselves because of the inherent danger and because most folks simply do not have the proper equipment to resolve the problem. Proper bee removal and relocation are best performed by professionals, not only to ensure that job is completed successfully but for the safety of the home or business owner.

Bee Colonies as well as wasps can be a danger for households, especially those with small children. Owners who see these pests come and go are likely to have a colony that will continue to grow, should they not take care of it. Colonies can establish themselves in a short period of time and since bees are extremely protective of their queen, they should be dealt with by a professional and as soon as possible.

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If your bees are in the wall, then you definitely do not want to attempt to remove them yourself. Equipment and experience are essential. Bees in walls are very difficult to remove because of the nature of construction and getting the proper equipment to extract the bees in the wall cavity can be difficult. Holes must be drilled in the wall to properly inject a harmless insecticide. There is much more to be done than meets the eye and one does not want to simply kill the bees.

Homeowners who decide to remove the bees themselves must be extremely cautious. Bees can be very aggressive, and it is essential to have bee keeper gear and the right equipment. Smokers should be used to relax and calm the bees so that the removal is easier. In any case, you must not remove the bees yourself if you do not have the necessary skills.

Africanized killer bees can be a fatal problem for the homeowner, and it is essential that the homeowner knows what type of bee infestation they have. If these bees are disrupted to the point that they feel threatened, they can become angry and attack with multiple deadly stings and may continue his pursue their victims for as far as a mile. Contact Guarantee Pest Control today to help you rid your environment of pesky bees!

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