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Since 1958, we have professionally and proudly provided pest control services to Greater Los Angeles, Downtown, Glendale, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Carson, Long Beach, Torrance and Orange County.

Our goal is to keep your home and business pest free. We take care of all your infestation and insect extermination needs to provide a chemically safe, pest-free environment for everyone. We will send those pests a packin’!

Specializing in home, commercial and industrial pest control, we work with many industries including markets, restaurants, apartments, condos and homes, businesses, warehouses, and more. Let us work with you to keep your environment pest free the Guarantee Green Way!

Our Founder, Tony Psaltis

Tony was born in 1934 and was raised in San Francisco. He received a full scholarship to U.S.C. in basketball, where his team reached the Final Four. He turned down offers to play professionally and in a few years after college he joined up with Guarantee Pest Control.

He was very active in the community being a member of the Masons, AHepa, Squires and Salvation Army, and he was very active with U.S.C. football and basketball. He was a great manager for over 50 years! His charisma and bigger-than-life personality is greatly missed.

October 18, 2016

Los Angeles Pest Control Discount

Grab this pest control discount now! Nearly everyone has had a reason to call an exterminator at one time or another. Whether it is in your home or in your place of business, there are many reasons to call in a professional to help with a pest problem. But before you read on, savings are in order. We would love to earn your business and are offering you this immediate savings coupon just for giving us a try. You love the result and the service you’ll get from our professional pest controllers. When choosing the professionals to call, there can […]
May 8, 2018
ant control los angeles

Ant Control

Ant Control. Black ants appear out of nowhere, creating black spots along the kitchen walls or crawling around your children’s room. Aggressive ant control is important, especially since once they colonize and establish themselves, they are much harder to get rid of. Keep reading to learn how ants live and how to rid your home of these pests. This is the life of an ant. Ants live in colonies. It is very rare that an ant is sighted alone because a colony member usually travels close behind. A typical colony is run by the female queen who lays hundreds to […]
June 4, 2018

Bee Control & Removal

Bee Control & Removal Bee control and infestation is something that many home and business owners find themselves having to deal with. Effective control is something that most people shouldn’t take on themselves because of the inherent danger and because most folks simply do not have the proper equipment to resolve the problem. Proper bee removal and relocation are best performed by professionals, not only to ensure that job is completed successfully but for the safety of the home or business owner. Bee Colonies as well as wasps can be a danger for households, especially those with small children. Owners […]
June 25, 2018

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Bedbugs can live for up to a year with a steady supply of human blood for food. This is the only pest of its kind that has adapted to living with humans by feeding on their blood. They also feed on other warm-blooded creatures like wild animals and even your pets. These are small parasites that measure about 3.16 inches long, are flat and have a reddish color to them. The most aggravating and gross fact is that they feed at night and go mostly unnoticed. Studies have shown that bed bugs had been linked with insomnia, anemia, […]
October 5, 2018

Flea Control

Flea Control If you are new to owning a pet, you might be surprised at how many different things you have to keep on top of. Vaccination, medical examinations, heartworm medication, intestinal worms, dog food … the list seems endless. Today I want to give you the basics of controlling fleas, which is essential to your pet and your house parasite. Flea treatment is very simple. Use good quality flea control product (such as Frontline Plus) on your pet every month until you have a flea infestation, and probably will never have the problem of fleas. Also, flea treatment can […]
November 13, 2023

Safe Pest Control Methods in Los Angeles, CA

In a city that values environmental consciousness, Los Angeles residents are increasingly seeking safe and eco-friendly alternatives for pest control. The conventional use of toxic chemicals has raised concerns about the impact on human health, pets, and the overall ecosystem. Fortunately, a shift towards sustainable and non-toxic pest control methods is gaining momentum. Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Guarantee Pest Control advocates for Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a holistic and environmentally responsible strategy. IPM minimizes the reliance on chemical pesticides, promoting a balanced and sustainable ecosystem. Biological Control Agents: IPM involves the introduction of biological control agents like beneficial insects and […]