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October 5, 2018
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January 31, 2019


Rodents such as rats and mice create a lot of problems and millions of dollars in damage in destruction of agricultural land, office space, and in homes. An important things to be aware of is that mice and rats choose to stay in an area where they can find plenty of water and food to eat.

They also nest wherever they are out of reach of predators such as snakes, birds, cats or dogs. Unfortunately, it’s residential homes that provide this ideal environment for them and don’t they just love being in the kitchen where they can scurry around for food remains? Nasty!

Rodents very often cause expensive damage to our electronics by chewing through computer cables and electrical wiring. Gnawed wires and cables are very dangerous as they can increase the possibility of electrical shock or increase the potential for a deadly fire. Also, food contaminated by rodents can lead to sickness or death, so it’s critically important to take quick action against these rodents if you start to see their dropping around your home or office.

So, what are some of the most common forms of rodent’s control. One of the way to control rats and mice is by using an eco-friendly spray. These rodent sprays are often made of natural organic herbs and do not contain toxic substances. Using this type of spray to help rid your environment of rodents is one of the best and most effective eco friendly rodent control system out there. You can find anti-rodent control sprays which release mint fragrance when sprayed. Rodent sprays are ideal for use in hotels, restaurants, offices and homes.

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